Evita, Another Look

51m 27s

This documentary retells her story but from another view, a look which behind a camera lens described and gave expression to her deeds, her work and her courage without words in the celluloid. “Evita, another view” is just that witness silent look that allows us to enrich the testimony of a unique woman’s life objectively. The photographs allow us to objectify her performance since they were taken during her daily tasks reflecting a hectic world. The testimony from those who knew her very well and worked shoulder to shoulder with her are voices that the pictures show us, with the interpretation of contemporary historians. The documentary is not a biography, although the chronology of the events is respected, but it is a collection of photographs where our country’s history is brought to life through what grudge could not destroy in 1955 because there was a person who risked his life to protect it. The pictures, taken between 1947 and 1952, cover all the period in which Evita (1919-1952) played the role of the First Lady and testify a variety of situations that marked her political and social activity.