The Curious Mind Episode 3

49m 17s

Our brain is always making decisions - Nigel explores how it does this, and if we can help it to make better ones? Is it possible to change the brain we’re born with to a supercharged brain? In this episode we’re going to find out why we remember certain things and forget others - how can we improve our memory? We’re going to discover what learning means for us, what happens to the brain when it gets damaged, and how can keep your brain healthy right until the end. Nigel crashes the air force's brand new Seasprite helicopter, we show viewers some escape artist tricks, meet a memory expert, hear the extraordinary story of how a climber’s brain reacted when she was literally falling down a mountain, demonstrate how the way you talk to children can have a profound impact on their ability to learn, and also learn about the impact of sleep deprivation on our brains.