The Curious Mind Episode 2

47m 37s

The traditional narrative is that humans are selfish. If pushed, the story goes, we look after ourselves first and others later. In this episode we see how modern neuroscience has blown that myth apart. Connecting with other people is one of the most important functions of the human brain. Which is why our brain constantly pushes us towards other brains, because it knows that connecting with other humans is the single best thing that we have going for us. We spend most of our lives with other people, we think about them when we’re not with them, and if we don’t have enough people around us we can become depressed. In this episode we’ll find out how our brains connect with each other and what kind of things drag us apart. We’ll find out what love actually is and just why it's so important to the human race that we connect with one another. We’ll also what your brain has in common with your smartphone when it comes to recognising faces, find out what life is like for people whose brains cannot remember faces, and we’ll see what broken legs and broken hearts have in common.