The Curious Mind Episode 1

46m 21s

In the first episode we explore the apparently very simple question: What is your brain? This is something humans have been struggling to understand for millennia, and science for several decades. We’re still a long way from knowing everything, but the things we’ve discovered so far are literally astounding.Nigel explores emotions and the important purpose they have by facing his fear of spiders and getting up way too close with a Chilean Pink Toed Tarantula. We meet BabyX for thefirst time as she gets to know Nigel with a game of peek-a-boo and helps us “see” emotions being generated in her brain, and we see the awesome power of the brain and itsremarkable ability to adapt to any situation by meeting someone who literally had half her brain removed. We also explore how your brain - which has no direct contact with the world it’s trying tounderstand - interprets and recognises the world through our senses. And we meet three very different sisters, identical triplets, who can help us understand the big question of howyour brain develops... and what makes you, you .