The Banker, The Escorts & The 18 Millions

44m 38s

The Banker, The Escorts and The $18 Million is a cautionary tale. How could one person deceive those who loved and trusted him for so long? How, with today’s rigorous checks and balances, could an employee steal such a large figure…..and, could it happen again? Produced by the Emmy® Award winning KHF Media, The Banker, The Escorts and The $18 Million is a gripping story of theft, deception, sex and mistrust on a monumental scale. It tells the story of New Zealand’s biggest ever single employee fraudster, Stephen Versalko - the man who defrauded a high profile bank and his clients for almost a decade. Featuring candid interviews with key Serious Fraud Office investigators, former clients and the first-ever and exclusive interview with the prostitute who Versalko accused of blackmailing him, this is the Versalko story, laid bare, in a stunning docudrama.