Nicholas And Alexandra The Letters Episode 2

50m 10s

In this episode we discover how Tsar Nicholas II and his wife the Empress Alexandra’s complete misjudgement and lack of understanding led to the fall of the Russian Empire from being one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. We explore how their decisions during the war led to widespread public anger and a revolution that would eventually bring a tragic and brutal end to Tsar Nicholas’ reign, making him the last Emperor of Russia. But throughout this tragic fall from grace and power, their love remained as strong as ever, as clearly evident in the letters they wrote to each other now housed at The State Archives of the Russian Federation. Though the Romanov family were eventually brutally murdered as the Revolution took hold, history has been kinder to Tsar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra, and in recent years the family were canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church. Perhaps a fitting end to what is widely recognized as one of the great love stories that played out around the disintegration of one of the world’s great superpowers.