Doctor in the House | Season 4 | Episode 6

46m 15s

Peter (45), Catherine (47), Sarah (20), Roisin (17) and Peadar (12) are from Cloyne, Co. Cork. Catherine and Peter lost both their mothers, who they were carer to recently. Catherine is finding hard to come to terms with the deaths and feels their hers and Peter’s health were put on hold when they were caring. Peter works 12 hour shifts and find exercise and healthy eating hard to fit into his schedule. Catherine like her Friday ‘vino night’ when she would drink a bottle of wine. Every weekend the family eat takeaways and the parents go to the pub on Sundays. After a week of observations and tests the family are summoned to the consultation room to find out the results. Catherine becomes very upset news that her alcohol consumption and poor diet has led to liver damage. Peter learns he has damage to his heart and that he needs to reduce his blood pressure. Both Catherine and Peter were classified as obese and had very poor fitness levels. Over the next 8 weeks the family work hard to improve their lifestyle. Catherine and Peter work hard to kick the alcohol and the whole family try to embrace the new eating and exercise plan – albeit with a few hiccups along the way. At the end of the 8 weeks, the family are faced their Temptation Test… they go out to a pub for lunch, but will they be able to avoid the tempting choices on the menu and stick to their diet plan, and will they stay off the booze? At the end of the 8 weeks the family are re-tested… What will the change in their lifestyle have made to their long-term health?