Doctor in the House | Season 4 | Episode 4

45m 44s

Danny (36), Aoife (35), Jack (14), Jessica (9), Grace (5) and Emily (2) live in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. The Currans are representative of many families, whose busy lives have meant that their health has taken a back seat. Aoife and Danny want to get fitter and healthier for their young family. Danny spends up to four hours a day commuting to his office job in Dublin. He smokes 20 cigarettes a day and drinks 10 to 13 coffees a day with sugar in each one. When Danny gets home from work he and Aoife like to relax on the sofa with fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate. Seven years ago Danny was in the army and was very fit. Aoife has asthma and smokes about 15 cigarettes a day. When their youngest child Emily was born two years ago she was critically ill. At this time they developed a lot of unhealthy habits as they prioritised Emily’s health and simple focused on getting through the day. Aoife often goes for the easy option when it comes to feeding the children, so she gives them what she knows they’ll eat. So the children don’t eat much fruit and vegetables. There is a treat press that all the children have access to including two year old Emily. Aoife finds it hard to say no to treats. The family eat takeaways every weekend. The children spend a good bit of time on screens rather than being physically active outdoors. After a week of being tested and followed, the family are brought to the Consultation Room. Aoife and Danny find out they are both obese. Aoife is told she has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Danny chest x-ray showed irreversible changes in his lungs due to smoking. Aoife feels very guilty when she is told that Jack is significantly iron deficient almost anaemic. This would affect his concentration in school and his energy levels. They family are given doctors’ orders to follow a healthy diet, exercise plan, give up smoking and spend more time outdoors togther. Will they succeed? And what difference will it make to their long term health? They find out 8 weeks later.