Doctor in the House | Season 3 | Episode 5

46m 28s

Lisa Colgan (33) lives in Swords with her mum Jackie (55), stepfather Richard (56) and her daughter Maisie Belle (2). Both Richard and Jackie are on cholesterol tablets. Jackie is also on aspirin (to control her heart condition) and blood pressure tablets. She also has acid reflux. Richard’s other health worries include psoriasis and hernias. He has a trapped nerve in his spine, something that he has had since he was 20. His dad died at 63 from stomach cancer. He has put on quite a bit of weight recently and is concerned that stress and weight (19 stone) may cause issues for his heart. His weight gain has curtailed his social life. Lisa suffers from low self esteem and admits that when she feels anxious, she starts pulling her hair out. She is very keen to get healthy so that she can teach her little girl Maisie Belle a healthy lifestyle.