Doctor in the House | Season 3 | Episode 4

46m 03s

Amanda admits she comfort eats and has an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. Her weight started escalating when she had a relationship break up at age 18, and in recent years has put on 2 stone a year. She also suffers from polycystic ovaries. Amanda used to work as a fitness instructor – and now worries that she may not be even be able to walk in the coming years, let alone exercise. She also smokes between 15 – 30 cigarettes a day and has 10 cups of coffee daily, each with three desert spoons of sugar. After being assessed by the experts Amanda learns she has type 2 diabetes – and needs urgent attention. Over 8 weeks the doctors work with both to try to radically change their lifestyles. Amanda sees a psychologist to help deal with her addiction to food. She also see a diabetes specialist. Can they change their lives for the better?