Luke Nguyen's France | Episode 4 - Franche-Comte

25m 06s

In the fourth episode of Luke Nguyen’s France, Luke continues his journey to through the Franche-Comté where In the third episode of Luke Nguyen’s France, Luke heads west to Strasbourg where develops a taste for all things Alsatian. Luke discovers the secrets behind Strasbourg’s most famous and controversial dish, and more importantly, he learns how to eat it. He meets Alsace’s ‘Queen of Gingerbread’ to learn the art of making ‘Pain d'épices’, and then creates his own roast pigeon masterpiece using her specialty spice mix. Luke samples Strasbourg’s famed tart flambé and visits a local family where he is taught how to make their unique specialty, ‘Fleischnacka’, which means ‘meat-snail’.he finds age-old recipes and experiences new levels of decadence. Luke goes foraging with Michelin-star chef Pierre Basso Moro and enjoys one of chef’s most beloved dishes using the famed Bresse chicken. Luke then visits Rachelle Roussel-Voisard, a Bresse chicken farmer, to learn first- hand why these chickens are so prized. Setting up his kitchen in the picturesque paddock, Luke cooks a Vietnamese inspired dish using one of the chickens. Finally, Luke visits a Napoleonic fort that has been converted into a giant cheese cave to source ingredients for his warming fondue dish.

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