Luke Nguyen's France | Episode 10

25m 36s

In the tenth and final episode of Luke Nguyen’s France, Luke experiences life and food on the Loire River before finishing his journey in the seaside town of St Malo. Luke traps an eel with local fisherman, Bruno, before cooking up one of his signature dishes on Bruno’s handmade houseboat; he then spends his last night in the Loire cooking a rustic roast duck dish by an open fireplace. Heading to St Malo, the town of pirates and seafood delights, Luke catches giant crabs with local fisherman, Gill, for his tamarind crab dish. Over the provincial border in Normandy, where Mont Saint-Michel looms large, Luke educates us on salt marsh lambs. Back in St Malo, he meets with the larger than life character, Jean Yves, the third generation butter specialist, and cooks a delicious scallop dish. Lastly, the series is wrapped-up with a look back at Luke’s journey around France, Luke muses: “if there is a more beautiful place on earth, I can’t wait to see it!”