Tsukasa - Priestesses of the Yaeyama Islands

52m 35s

In the Ryukyu Islands women have great spiritual power, a central part of Okinawan culture. There are priestesses known as Noro, Tsukasa, and shamans called Yuta, depending on the island.They are highly respected, sometimes even feared, since in Japanese culture they are invested with supernatural powers. Initiated by their spiritual mother, Tsukasa are chosen from childhood, among the most sensitive young girls, who are able to perceive supernatural presence. This documentary offers a unique immersion into the world of the animist priestesses of the Ryukyu Islands. By following their atypical route and their daily lives, we will discover a part of Japanese women’s spirituality. This privileged access will allow us to share the intimacy of the priestesses, and to understand from the inside, the role of these women in society.

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