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Sessions: Duranbah

4m 17s

D'Bah is the most consistent wave on the east coast of Australia and is regularly used as a training ground for the biggest names in surfing. Here we have evidence why.

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Then & Now - Parko

3m 11s

Parko hasn't lost any of his trademark style over the years. Check out a young Joel from the late '90s and early 2000s, right through to the World Champion and retired dad of the present day.

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1h 02m

In the early 90′s, a photograph of a young boy dropping in on a huge unknown wave made the cover of Surfing Life. The photograph became iconic. 20 years later, the Fijian surfer the world had never heard of, earned the chance to compete against the best surfer the world has ever seen. This is his story.

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The Women and the Waves 2

42m 38s

The Women and the Waves 2' is a documentary surf film that celebrates women and their unique approach to surfing and life. The film looks at the state of surfing today from a feminine perspective and features positive role models that give back to people and the planet.

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Sessions: King Island

4m 54s

Located in the notoriously windy Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania, King Island can produce some of the best beach breaks in the world. This adventure with Harry Bryant and crew showed just how good!

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34m 58s

A solo bicycle and surfing journey across Bali, Nusa Lembogan, Lombok and Sumbawa. Sendiri is the Indonesian word for ‘By yourself or Alone’. Dylan decides to continue his and Rians original journey (‘Eat.Sleep.Surf’) that finished in 2009, cycling further east from Bali and exploring Nusa Lembogan, Lombok and West Sumbawa.

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33m 00s

A fast paced action film that will get you amped to go surfing! Mental surfing above the lip by shredders like Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Cory Lopez and Bobby Martinez. Filmed around the world including Australia, Hawaii and California.

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The All Saints Perfect Chapter

33m 30s

Surfer Ricardo Dos Santos, special guest of the 4th Edition of Perfect Chapter was shot in Brazil days before he found out he has been invited to participate in one of the biggest sporting events in Portugal. 'The All Saints Perfect Chapter' is a compelling surf documentary that follows the journey of Bruno Dos Santos, the surfer who took his place. Official Selections: Bells Beach Surf Film Festival 2016 & Surf at Lisbon Film Fest 2015.

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5 Elements

45m 18s

This film is the compilation of several of the most epic windsurfing travel adventures ever undertaken by Thomas Miklautsch. Furthermore, this is one of our favorite videos in the New World Spirits line-up. Considered as one of the most free-spirited windsurfers ever, in '5 Elements' Thomas Miklautsch travels to The Amazon, Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, The Andes, and even...San Francisco, among other places.

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