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Who Would You Call?

1h 22m

A lonely 40 year old man lives an intense crisis. Walking down a street, he comes across his couple who is on her way to meet up with her ex boy friend. Beggining to feell that his relationship with her is about to end, he remains still, without reacting, daring only to look at her.

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Broadway Limited

1h 14m

A publicity stunt staged on a train known as the Broadway Limited creates problems because of an unknown baby that was part of the stunt.

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1h 44m

Raquel has done everything to get over he ex Isaac, but he comes back decided to get her back at any cost.

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I Love Eva

1h 18m

Eva is back from her trip to Europe. One afternoon she received a suspicious birthday invitation from a neighbor, she never imagined it was a romantic date a planed by his family, but he didn’t even had food in the fridge. A comedy about how family can mess up our relationships, the way it interacts and how it doesn’t even stand itself.

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Lovely Letters

50m 52s

Three couples of children experience for the first time the adventures and misadventures of love. The characters, talk to us about friendship, jealous, boyfriends, girlfriends and those that are not clear which they are. They explain the ways they have at their age of feel and understand, or not, that thing called love.

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1h 35m

A young American returns home and discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his brother and that his mom has passed away. After attempting suicide, his therapist gives him a ring that will allow him to travel anywhere in the world.

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Inspiring Women - Lady Gaga

3m 08s

Inspiring short form profiles on iconic women throughout history. Each vignette presents different and unique personalities and highlights their journeys and success achieved against adversities within the fields of TV, film and music. Get a closer look at these amazing women as they share advice on topics such as health, food, and beauty.

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