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1h 38m

Santiago Rubio, Mayor of a Latin American City wants to be the nation President. To achieve his goal, he decides to build the biggest and most important airport in South America. For that purpose, he hires Hoyos Constructing Group, a very corrupt company that instead of building the airport, they spend all nation’s money in their own benefit. Maria Cristina, Mayor´s wife and Gabriel Hoyos lover, is the key piece for the Hoyos to win the contract.

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Conflict in the Nile

1h 57m

The people of Luxor decide to buy a new barge to replace the old one that was used for river transport. The mayor assigns the task to Mujjahid who is accompanied by Mohsib. A group of outlaws learn of the plan and their chief, Abu Sufyan, sends his followers to steal the money designated for the new barge.

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The Second of May: The forgotten heroes

51m 00s

On the 2nd of May, 1808, the people of Madrid took up arms against Napoleon’s army. The events of that day represented the beginning of the Peninsular War, known in Spain as the War of Independence, and led the whole nation to become conscious of its identity. Two centuries later, with the aid of the most prestigious experts on that period, we will travel back to the Madrid of the early 19th Century to relive the day that changed the history of Spain.

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