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Post Mortem and Other Small Hassles

56m 44s

Family company 'Vita', implanted in the suburbs of Lyon, is specialized in cleaning up places where were found dead bodies, filthy apartments and other pests. Christophe Mercier, head manager, decided a few years ago to develop a specific human remains cleaning protocol. His team faces sickening mells, human rubbishes and lives with death. A documentary about dealing with death in the Western culture.

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Following the Messiah E6

29m 58s

Follow along as Jeremy and Barry visit places surrounding the miracles of Jesus and go inside a 1stcentury tomb believed to be the location where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

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The Afterlife is Here and Now

53m 23s

All those who have died are in the light, even those who were evil. So says Pascal Voggenhuber, a young medium sporting tattoos and ragged jeans, who grew up on the hip-hop scene. As he sees it, we are all spiritual beings, and healing, seeing the aura and communicating with the dead is something we can all do. It just takes practice.

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Woman In A Whirl

1h 50m

A Struggling nurse has a daughter named Nadia. When the daughter's fiancé dies in an accident , she discovers that her daughter is pregnant. Nadia gives birth to Fathia, but her mother replaces her baby with a dead child. Fathia is raised in the house of the wealthy man Hamdi.

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M.R. James - Conjuring: Book of the Dead

1h 12m

Conjuring -Book of the Dead is about a writer of graphic novels who is given the task of writing a biography on the foremost occultist Aleister Crowley. Things start to go wrong when he discovers a rune inserted in Crowley’s diary. Based on M R James book Casting the Runes.

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Water Is Our Future - The Jordan - River of Peace?

51m 48s

The Jordan River is the most important source of water for Jordanians, Israelis, and Palestinians. Intensive farming is robbing the sacred river of its water. Since Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty in 1994, campaigners from an environmental organization have been working across all borders to rescue both the Jordan River and the Dead Sea for the protection of nature and for peace in the region.

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Come On In We're Dead

1h 26m

The true story of the The Young Brothers Massacre, 1932. The record for the most lawmen shot dead in the history of the United States. 10 cops and one civilian in Springfield, Missouri went to arrest 2 small-time gangsters known as The Young Brothers. The young men (Harry, 25 and Jennings, 30) had been on the run for the murder of a town marshall 3 years earlier.

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