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The Lion Queen Episode 1 – A Midwife To Lions

44m 06s

Andi Rive, a midwife from the city has fallen in love with the fifty lions at Glen Garriff Lion Re-serve. With her dedicated team of staff, family and volunteers Andi is tasked with keeping the struggling reserve afloat, fending off creditors, lawyers and hunters.

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The Lion Queen Episode 2 - New Arrivals and Sad Goodbyes

44m 09s

New arrivals put added pressure on limited resources as two rescued lions arrive at Glen Garriff – one of them, a male lion called TJ, is unwell and the vet is called in to help; there’s added drama when a cub is mauled by one of the lions, and another cub, Taai, is abandoned by his mother.

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The Lion Queen Episode 3 - Fire and Ice

44m 10s

Glen Garriff Lion Reserve is faced with disaster after disaster; a fire burns out of control on a neighbouring farm and threatens to spread to Glen Garriff where a vital piece of firefighting equipment is out of action; and a deluge from the sky threatens to destroy everything Andi has worked for.

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The Lion Queen Episode 4 – The Lion Industry

44m 08s

Glen Garriff offers sanctuary to its fifty lions from South Africa’s shocking canned hunting industry; a rescued lion arrives at Glen Garriff, unsettling some of the other lions and creating more prob-lems; Andi hits the road to plan a tourist experience that could generate much needed income for the reserve; and game hunters pay a visit to Glen Garriff.

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The Lion Queen Episode 5 - Out Of Control

43m 59s

A controlled burn off during fire season goes out of control and threatens to spread across Glen Garriff Lion Reserve; Andi visits her family in the city and as the financial woes deepen at Glen Garriff, she is forced to make a heartbreaking decision.

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