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Vavilov Institute

52m 04s

Everywhere around the world vegetal species, once cultivated, have disappeared.In saint petersbourg the Nikolai Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry preserves, cultivates, and studies more than 350 000 plants.For 120 years that unique granary has prevented famines all around the globe. This film shows how a group of ethnobotanists meets the members of the Vavilov Institute which has launched a project of international cooperation…

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The Power of Mountain Herbs | Season 1 | Episode 1 – Doctors and traditional healers

50m 07s

We often pay little attention to the plants in our surroundings, but long before the invention of modern medicine; it was the only thing that could prevent you from dying because of a nasty disease or a wound. And still today up to 60% of the world population still rely on what we call “Folk Medicine”. In this episode we will follow men and women who are doctors and traditional healers helping their community by collecting the right plants for the right needs of their patients and naimals too!

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Water Is Our Future - The Emscher - The Miracle in the Coalfields

51m 51s

In the Ruhr district of Germany, we witness the comeback of a small river and an entire landscape. For decades, the Emscher was the most polluted river in Europe. Now, it’s being returned from an industrial sewer to a natural river system. With the help of waste water treatment plants, liberated river beds, and returning animal species, this unique natural region is blossoming.

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The Age of Robots - The Bionic Man

54m 44s

From brains to eyes, hands to legs, and deep down to the internal organs; implants, prosthesis and rehabilitation are entering a new era potentially creating a new type of human being - The Bionic Man- in reality, not on retro TV. But what ethical concerns arise as we mix technology with biology?

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