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The Legendary Pacific Coast

23m 37s

Greg Grainger visits the famed wine region of Hunter Valley in harvest time, explores the majestic waterways of Port Stephens by kayak, enjoys fresh oysters and fishing on the Great Lakes and has very special experiences with dolphins, seals and turtles.

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The Borderless Sky - In Search of the Aurora Borealis in Canada

51m 04s

To the polar lights of Canada – Yuichi Takasaka has a dream. Since the Japanese-born astrophotographer read a book about northern Canada as a child, he has a picture that he wants to capture with his camera: the Aurora Borealis over the Arctic Ocean. Yuichi has undertaken many excursions around the world on the hunt for polar lights. Now he wants to fulfill his childhood dream: Travel through up the Yukon to Beaufort Lake on the northern edge of America.

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Wonders of Victoria

23m 14s

From Portland with its tuna fishing and swimming with seals. To Bendigo and its vintage trams. Also MILDURA and the mighty Murray River and its paddle steamers. To Falls Creek and yoga in the snow. As well, West Wyalong: historic wool sheds, sunset on Lake Cowal.

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Dream of the Settlers - Along the Great Lakes

44m 00s

The Great Lakes are among the most mythical landscapes of North America: endless water, endless forest. Many Native American peoples lived there; later European settlers followed on the heels of the white hunters and trappers. They hunted in the forests and transported their furs and other goods across the water to the south where a small river situated at the southern tip of Lake Michigan flows onward towards the southern states.

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