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57m 12s

Over a thousand migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean this year, trying to make it to Europe. When Frontex reduced EU coastguard missions, the charities were forced to step in. But this year, NGO rescue ships find themselves unable to operate, accused of running a ‘taxi service’ for smugglers. In this powerful and moving film, we follow the NGO rescue ship ‘Iuventa’, bought and operated by the Jugend Rettet network of young Europeans who challenge the idea of ‘Fortress Europe’.

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Bad Hombres

53m 52s

A dutch film maker, married to a Nicaraguan, sets himself a goal of finding out what kind of people is risking life trying to emigrate over the borders to USA, and if some of the reach the American dream.

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Reportage series - S01 E07 - Riding the Beast

52m 41s

The Beast is the train running through Mexico that everyday carries Central American migrants who dream of a better life in the United States. The reality is that on this most dangerous of journeys, the threat of kidnap, rape, violence and murder is constant as carrying their worldly belongings makes them an obvious target for gangs.

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