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Owl's Odyssey

48m 11s

When a female barn-owl's home - an old disused barn - is demolished, she has to seek a new place to live. On the way, flying through forests and across grasslands, she encounters most of the common owl species in Central Europe: long- and short- eared owls, little, tawny and eagle owls, some she can live peace- fully beside, others she must shun or risk becoming their prey. During her journey, the film shows how owls fly so silently and hunt so efficiently.

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El último confín: Los Inuit del Oeste de Groenlandia

50m 01s

Overcome the hell in which the Arctic becomes winter, in West Greenland the Inuit face the sweet respite offered by the summer to hunt and fish, continuing the ancient traditions that have inherited from their ancestors. Documentary about the current life of the Inuit of West Greenland. Hunting and fishing practiced by their ancestors are still today the center of their culture and their identity.

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