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In a Stranger's House

1h 10m

In November of 2017, a broken video camera and smart phone were recovered from a recycling centre. The camera houses a memory card that contained disturbing and unexplainable material. This is that material.

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Hell's Belle

1h 26m

A supernatural horror in the vein of "The Woman in Black". While on an archeological expedition on a remote mountain, a group of young people stumble across a piece of jewelry that belonged to Belle Starr. One of them steals the piece and incites the wrath of Belle's ghost.

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True or False?

45m 15s

It is the most serious scandal ever hitting the modern art market. An affair that has made experts and auction houses tremble and has re-proposed the ghost of forgery. The facts date back to 2017 in Genoa, where an exhibition dedicated to the painter Amedeo Modigliani from Livorno was closed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which put 21 paintings out of the 60 on display under seizure.

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I hear a baby crying

43m 28s

The team investigate the Market Hotel in Bolton. Believed to be haunted by the lost soul of a previous landlord and a guest who likes to make herself known. They make contact with spirits from the other side and witness first hand paranormal activity.

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The House of Fear

45m 53s

Located in Gran Canaria, there is one house that locals refuse to enter and that is, The House of Fear. Ghostly shadows, loud banging and demonic voices have all been reported here and the Ghost Dimension team will investigate these claims tonight.

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Scars for Life

43m 34s

Could a tattoo studio be haunted? Has a Ouija board opened a gateway to the spirit dimension? Ghost Dimension spend the night investigating Deviant Ink tattoo studio and come across some of the strangest paranormal activity that they have ever encountered.

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Man with a Cane

43m 47s

The team head to Bolton and investigate the Old Three Crowns. Haunted by the spirit of a very angry man with a deadly cane and an upset young ghostly girl. Will they uncover why the girl is so upset? and could they encounter the angry spirit man?

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Witches and Vampires Haunting St James Cemetery

43m 32s

St James Cemetery is set behind Liverpool Cathedral and is claimed to be the worlds most haunted, with the remains of over 58,000 people buried at the location and multiple claims of paranormal sightings. Will the team survive the night unscathed? Will they encounter witchcraft or a vampire that is believed to roam the grounds to this very day?

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Liverpool's Secret Haunted Mansion

43m 14s

Bex and Sean delve deep into Woolton Hall, a derelict mansion in Liverpool. They appear to be forced out of the building by an unknown force and it takes it toll on one of the team members as they begin to unlock the secrets that have remained locked up for years.

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Jack The Ripper

43m 21s

Bex and Sean head to Sefton and investigate a police station connected to the murderous Jack The Ripper. Was James Maybrick really the Ripper? Did his wife poison him? Is he haunting this old police station? These are the questions Ghost Dimension investigate tonight.

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The House of The Devil

44m 16s

The island of Gran Canaria houses some of the most haunted buildings in the world and tonight the team fly to the island and investigate claims of satanic worship and paranormal activity, in a house that is believed to have been built by the Devil himself.

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What Haunts Inside?

43m 12s

Bex and Sean return to the grounds of The Orangery and investigate claims of paranormal hauntings inside of Allerton Stables. After capturing some of the most compelling footage ever, will the stables prove to be as haunted as The Orangery?

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The Lady in Grey

41m 10s

Ghost Dimension investigate ruins of The Orangery in Merseyside and claims that the ghost of a grey lady is haunting the location. They capture some of the most compelling paranormal evidence they have ever encountered.

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The Night Before The Storm

44m 10s

In this special episode, its the night before Sean and Bex are joined by their celebrity guest and they checkout The Black Horse in Pluckley Village to investigate the paranormal hauntings at the most haunted pub in the UK.

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Who is there?

43m 28s

Could a cemetery be haunted? The team come head out to find out and contact restless souls that have been haunting the graveyard.

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Fun and Games at The Sportsman Inn

43m 48s

Bex, Sean and Paul, investigate claims of paranormal reports inside of a haunted inn. Once three separate cottages, will any of the previous residents join the investigation tonight? or is there something more sinister haunting here?

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Demons on The Buses

49m 15s

Hidden in St Helens, is a museum that is home to demonic and dark entities trapped inside of vehicles. Ghost Dimension attempt to uncover its dark and untold secrets and come face to face with one of the most violent spirits they have ever encountered.

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Bump In The Bingo Hall

43m 08s

The team head out to Blackpool for a day out at the seaside that they will never forget. Investigating one of Blackpool's iconic buildings The Empire Bingo Hall. Many famous acts have played here and it seems that some may have never left.

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A Social Club for the Paranormal

44m 26s

Bex and Sean delve deep into a building that has survived world wars and is home some very social ghosts. They come face to face with an angry spirit and something strange appears to be lurking in the basement.

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An Unexpected Haunted Adventure

43m 07s

The team head to Lydiate Abbey to investigate claims of a ghostly white lady and stumble upon a totally hidden gem deep in the woods, which has its own spirits haunting. With hidden priest holes and a building being reclaimed by the land. Be prepared for one of the scariest investigations ever.

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High Spirits at The Gothic Mansion

41m 54s

Bex and Sean investigate a haunting inside a gothic mansion, that is said to be haunted by the former owner of the building. Our very own crew member Jane was also a babysitter at the home and has her own ghostly stories to tell. Will any spirits come out from hiding tonight?

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Hotel of Horror

43m 51s

Ghost Dimension head to Halewood and investigate the Wellington Hotel. Believed to be a hive of paranormal activity. Will they uncover what is haunting this public house?

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House of Horror

43m 29s

Blackpool is iconic for ghosts and tonight, Sean and Bex investigate a horror attraction which appears to have attracted some very real spirits that are spooking its customers.

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