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Combat Forces - S01 E14 - Infantry Fighting Vehicles

23m 03s

Bullets, shrapnel, and IEDs, all are dangers for Infantry. Modern military forces have designed a new generation of armor to help protect soldiers from the dangers of battle - Infantry Fighting Vehicles. This fascinating episode examines the progress of technology since the Second World War that has led to some of the incredibly versatile and lethal weapon systems known as Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

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53m 36s

Aurélien, a French Martial Arts Champion, discovers different wrestling sports/techniques from all around the world. He emerges himself during a week with a Champion/Coach in order to learn the basic rules of that new sport. At the end of the film, Aurélien fights with a local Champion. Meanwhile, with him, the viewers will learn more about the history of that wrestling sport and also about the country, the people, their habits and culture.

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History of Tanks

51m 22s

Documenting the changing face of tank warfare over the past 100 years, this fascinating documentary is not to be missed by those with an interest in military history and weapon development.

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