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Water Is Our Future - Andalusia's Hidden Treasure

52m 41s

In the dry region of southern Spain, water is a scarce commodity known as “liquid silver”. Farmers, scientists, and conservationists are working with the local population to combine ancient knowledge gained over centuries with state of the art technologies to protect this unique natural landscape.

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Water Is Our Future - The Colorado - A River in Search of its Estuary

52m 15s

Hardly a drop of water makes it to the estuary of the Colorado River. Once it reaches Mexico, after its journey through the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, and Nevada, the river is dry – and has been for decades. The demand for water in its catchment area is simply too great. Now, conservationists are working to make the estuary green again. They’re persuading people along the Colorado to give some of its water back to the river.

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Inspiring Women - Shakira

3m 08s

Inspiring short form profiles on iconic women throughout history. Each vignette presents different and unique personalities and highlights their journeys and success achieved against adversities within the fields of TV, film and music. Get a closer look at these amazing women as they share advice on topics such as health, food, and beauty.

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