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Crazy for Madonna

43m 05s

A biography of a universal icon of music and Hollywood, Madonna, better known as the Queen of Pop. Sabbatical Entertainment celebrates Madonna’s illustrious career spanning more than four decades, always pushing the boundaries of entertainment. Not afraid of controversy, the Material girl, through her talents, redefined and reshaped pop culture history.

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Inspiring Women - Audrey Hepburn

3m 08s

Inspiring short form profiles on iconic women throughout history. Each vignette presents different and unique personalities and highlights their journeys and success achieved against adversities within the fields of TV, film and music. Get a closer look at these amazing women as they share advice on topics such as health, food, and beauty.

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37m 24s

In home, stadiums, offices and pubs around the world, there is an ongoing generational debate over whose country had the best sports era. Sabbatical Entertainment settles the debate in this exclusive original production, Maradona and Messi from Argentina, Pelé and Neymar from Brazil, Valderrama and James from Colombia, Chicharito and Hugo Sánchez from Mexico. Their triumphs, defeats, unique characteristics and statistics. Between each of these pairs of stars, who is the best? What unites them?

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New Island Home

1h 02m

A year in the making, the film goes inside the inner sanctum of the Dudley United Football Club during the 2017 campaign and reveals the remarkable bravery of young indigenous men who cross an ocean to start new lives and, at the same time, change others.

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