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A Revolution in Four Seasons

57m 59s

This seminal film tells the story of two women with opposing political views fighting for their different versions of a democratic future for Tunisia, the country that sparked the Arab Spring.Over the course of Tunisia’s critical post-revolution years, we follow journalist Emna Ben Jemaa, who envisions a country governed by free speech and without the corruption of the former regime. In contrast, Jawhara Ettis of the Islamist party Ennahda works towards a Tunisia guided by Islamic principles.

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Gaza: Health Under Siege

43m 08s

After three wars in eight years and an ongoing eleven-year blockade, how are the people of Gaza coping? Many public employees, whether they are doctors in the large hospitals or waste management supervisors in the garbage dump, have been working without pay for over seven years. And yet despite this, the provision of basic public services continues through the tremendous efforts of people trying to keep the city functioning.

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The Return to Homs

1h 30m

A look behind the barricades of the besieged city of Homs, where for nineteen-year-old Basset and his ragtag group of comrades, the audacious hope of revolution is crumbling like the buildings around them.

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Along Gaddafi's Road

1h 24m

For the first time in 42 years, a camera enters Southern Libya in what was forbidden territory under the Gaddafi regime. Shortly after Gaddafi’s demise, we accompany members of the disgraced Tabu tribe along the road to their impoverished desert territory near the Algeria-Niger-Chad borders 1000 Km from Tripoli.

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Bakur : Inside the PKK

1h 32m

Shot in secret, BAKUR: Inside the PKK is the worlds first documentary made with inside access to the Kurdish separatist group, who are considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US and NATO. The result is an inside look at the undeclared war going on in Turkey for decades. This was the first time any film crew had ever accessed these camps.

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The Invisible Men

1h 08m

Israel's gay Palestinian underground. Persecuted in Palestine and called criminals in Israel, gay Palestinians are the silent victims of the conflict. Louie has been hiding in Tel Aviv for ten years, Abdu was tortured and accused of espionage for his relationships with gay Israelis and Louis was almost killed by his family. Where ever they go they live in fear of discovery. Only in Isreael's gay underground are they at home. Eye opening and revelatory.

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52m 01s

The documentary film #myescape assesses the journey that refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea chose to undergo, as the circumstances in their home-countries became increasingly unliveable. Hundreds of thousands are leaving their countries, families and old lives behind, in search of some basic safety and freedom. In most cases, the mobile phone became a quintessential tool to facilitate the organisation of ones escape and the constant companion.

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18m 40s

Through various characters we know the violation of human rights suffered daily by the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip and the situation of blockade and postwar for which it tries to survive. All this in the face of the complicity of the international community and the impunity of Israel.

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Reportage series - S01 E04 - Holy Land

57m 46s

Half a million Israeli settlers live within the Palestinian territories forming the main barrier to a two-state solution. They do not see themselves as colonists or invaders, but rather pioneers. Some see themselves as the vanguard that will welcome the arrival of the Messiahs to the lands of Abraham, and others consider themselves a barrier against Islamic extremism.

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Ciudad sin Sueño

20m 16s

"A City Without Dreams" takes place between Beirut (Lebanon) and Aleppo (Syria) and talks about the lost dreams of an entire Syrian generation in these two cities.

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