Africa TVPUK

Ghost children

52m 24s

More than 230 million children around the world have never been registered at birth and are now unknown to their own country. 37% of these children live in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and other countries. In the eyes of society, they do not exist. The consequences are often dramatic : early marriages, forced labor and many obstacles to pursue studies, and finally to vote.

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The Money Stone

1h 33m

Hundreds of feet beneath the jungles of Ghana, thousands of sweat-soaked miners squeeze through tiny crevices to dig raw gold to feed an insatiable global industry. Considered outlaws by the government, these "galamsey" have two options - either get rich quick or die trying. The Money Stone takes an intimate look at the stark choices some children face in hopes of finding a better future.

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1h 10m

Fatherland is a controversial coming-of-age documentary set in the remote South African bush. It follows a group of Afrikaner boys over 9 days at a military camp in the spirit of their fathers before them. The film follows three particular boys and Col. Franz Jooste -an ex-SADF soldier that fought for his country pre 1994 – and focuses on the conflicting views developed by the boys.

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Reportage series - S01 E08 - Albino: A Story of Fear and Prejudice

53m 22s

In Tanzania, albino´s are feared and hated as many believe they are cursed and bring bad luck. As a result of these terrible superstitions they have become victims of mutilation and murder. To be born as an albino in certain places in Africa continues to be the worst sentence. Black magic rituals use their organs and witch doctors will pay high fees for their limbs. In this episode we meet with the victims of this heartbreaking reality and those who are trying to end these barbaric traditions.

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Reportage series - S01 E01 - Blood Tusks

48m 34s

A hundred elephants die every day in Africa killed by poachers, members of the militia or of terrorist organizations like Al Shabab. Their tusks sell for €600 per kilo, and an emerging middle class in China demands ivory as symbol of their new wealth status and International criminal gangs are there to cater to them.

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Reportage series - S01 E10 - How to Organise a Genocide

53m 40s

Rwanda is a country full of murderers, a fact evidenced by the million people who were killed with machetes over 3 months during the Rwandan genocide. We return twenty years on when many of the killers are starting to be released from prison and return to their homes and villages, and live amongst their victims; those who survived the slaughter hiding in swamps. We meet with both the victims and the perpetrators of a genocide, living side by side, which has not been forgotten...

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