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Guns in the USA: Child's play?

50m 25s

Every day in the USA, 9 children are shot and killed. Some die in high profile mass killings splashed across the media but many are killed in tragic domestic accidents involving the family arsenal. More and more American children are being given guns for their birthday or for Christmas. Despite the increasing numbers of grieving families the powerful gun lobby continues encouraging citizens to arm themselves.

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FortMcMoney vote Jim Roger

52m 06s

"Fort McMoney: The Film" Vote for Jim Rogers! returns with an immersive journey into Fort McMurray, Alberta, the world’s third largest oil reserve and war chest of Canada. For three years, an obsession recurs in the director’s work: Is democracy soluble in oil?

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Health Undocumented (Salud sin papeles)

1h 24m

Sparked by backlash to a neo-Nazi rally and a stream of strict anti-immigrant laws passing in the state of Arizona, a group of activists organizes to build Phoenix Allies for Community Health, a unique free clinic serving undocumented immigrants. The film follows their journey, delves into the heart and history of the clinic, and chronicles the poignant stories of undocumented patients as well as their courage and resilience.

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