World Coverage TVPUK

Out Run

1h 14m

Mobilizing working-class transgender hairdressers and beauty queens, the dynamic leaders of the world's only LGBT political party wage a historic quest to elect a trans woman to the Philippine Congress.

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Black Summer

48m 34s

Incredible footage from ordinary Australians captured the ferocity of the bushfires that raged across the country this summer. These videos have been viewed tens of millions of times across the world, but who filmed them and how did their stories end? A team of reporters and producers fanned out across the country to track down the people who found themselves in the centre of the firestorms. What emerges are incredible stories of survival, bravery and heartbreak.

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China: Rebirth of an Empire

55m 33s

China’s unprecedented growth has placed it on the verge of overtaking the United States as the world’s preeminent power. But what type of power will China become? In today’s interconnected and globalized world, the answer effects each and every one of us.

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Chinese Propaganda Lesson In Forbidden Territory

52m 54s

An authoritarian People’s Republic or a real dictatorship? In less than a generation, China has become the economic engine of the planet. But what if this economic power, which seems to take precedence over political and social power, was in the hands of a dictatorship whose single aim was to expand its power in order to continue existing? This documentary proposes to reveal the real face of China and to get inside the propaganda machine.

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Bengladesh - Culture of Impunity

29m 51s

Bangladesh, the world's eighth most populous country. While its problems may seem removed from the rest of the world, its military provides the biggest share of UN peacekeepers globally, earning billions for the government. Well known as a nation of endemic poverty and rampant corruption, it's also a country born of a bloody war with Pakistan, enduring what one high US official called the most calculated thing since the Nazis in Poland.

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Reportage series - S01 E11 - At Hell's Gate

42m 22s

In this episode we visit Kawah Ijen´s active volcano in Indonesia to investigate the labour conditions that miners bear everyday in extracting its sulphur. In the mouth of the volcano labourers carry upon their backs over 70 kilos of sulphur blocks, double their own weight. We follow the trail of these men - suffering the worlds worse working conditions – in to ‘the gates of hell’.

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Reportage series - S01 E05 - No Country for Women

48m 44s

It’s one of the biggest economies in the world and one of the most powerful members of the G-20 club. But India is not a country for women. Every hour a woman is killed. Mothers will abort when they know the gender of the baby, and many women in India will suffer every kind of humiliation and violence.

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