Something to drink

Getting a Taste for Natural Wine

52m 00s

In recent years, the consumption of organic wine has become a growing trend. It’s what Europeans expect: traceability of products and respect for the environment. But the new phenomenon is the consumption of so-called natural and biodynamic or ‘raw’ wines that go even further. A new generation of winemakers has decided to banish all chemical inputs in the process of winemaking.

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Climate change and wine

51m 54s

Global warming could drastically alter the world wine map. Temperatures are expected to rise from 3° to 5°C by 2050, accompanied by a decrease in summertime precipitation, much more frequent heat waves (over 35°C) that are fatal to grapevines, increased soil erosion and irrigation problems. This investigative documentary surveys the research carried out and the decisions made by both vineyard owners and scientists to tackle the question of global warming.

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