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The Seven Steps to Mercy: Cracking the Shakespeare Code: Part 1

50m 18s

Is this the solution to the Oak Island mystery? This is the amazing story of Petter Amundsen, a Norwegian organist, who believes he has deciphered a secret code hidden in Shakespeare’s first folio. The code reveals a treasure map where mythical objects are hidden. We follow Amundsen and Dr Robert Crumpton, a sceptical historian, on their quest to discover the truth. This first episode examines the codes to be found in Shakespeare’s plays and questions who really wrote them.

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The Seven Steps to Mercy: Cracking the Shakespeare Code: Part 2

54m 36s

Having established the existence of a series of codes to be found in Shakespeare’s first folio, this episode questions what the code’s authors were trying to hide. Amundsen reveals that the Rosicrucians, an early freemason fraternity, may have hidden a secret treasure map showing where mythical biblical objects and Shakespeare’s original manuscripts are hidden.

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The Seven Steps to Mercy: Cracking the Shakespeare Code: Part 3

53m 31s

In this episode, Crumpton and Amundsen head off on a treasure hunt together. They end up at Oak Island, a legendary treasure island of the coast of Nova Scotia, where they find identical bizarre stones at key points on Petter’s map. Then, when they approach the most important point on the map, all their equipments and compasses stop working...

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H.O.N. Mission : Searching for the origins of mankind

52m 01s

A journey back in time to our origins by following the trail of a team of scientists in the heart of the Namibian Bush! The objective of the Human Origins in Namibia mission is to have Namibia recognized as “the cradle of humanity” in the same way as South Africa. To do this, new fossils must be found

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Neanderthal Apocalyspe | Part 1

50m 11s

In part one of Neanderthal Apocalypse, we look at how the Neanderthal physique and hunting techniques could have contributed to its demise. Anthropologists from Princeton and the University of Wisconsin compare the body builds of the stocky Neanderthal and the lean modern human to see what the role of muscle mass plays in surviving harsh winter months. Then we follow our weapons experts as they take a stab at discovering which hunting method is more effective: the thrusting or throwing spear.

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Neanderthal Apocalyspe | Part 2

51m 08s

In part two of Neanderthal Apocalypse, scientists take a look at what other factors might have affected the demise of the Neanderthals. Could it have been the eruption of a super volcano? And if so, the presence of a simmering super volcano in the backyard of the United States could mean devastation. Then a surprising look at the human genome at the University of Washington reveals that Neanderthal DNA may be living on in modern humans.

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James Files

55m 45s

Answering the decades-old mystery of who really assassinated President John F. Kennedy this explosive documentary features a shocking confession from James Files, the man who claims to be the killer. The film presents compelling forensic and eyewitness evidence, previously unavailable to the public, supporting Files’ contention that he, and not Lee Harvey Oswald, fired the fatal shot at America’s 35th president.

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The Voynich Code

50m 21s

It is the world’s most mysterious manuscript. A book, written by an unknown author, illustrated with pictures that are as bizarre as they are puzzling – and written in a language that even the best cryptographers have been unable to decode. No wonder then, that this script even has a part in Dan Brown’s latest bestseller, "The Lost Symbol". The Voynich Manuscript has captivated academics and occultists in equal measure since its discovery 100 years ago.

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Searching for Beati Paoli

1h 26m

Caped avengers determined to defend the poor. Searching for Beati Paoli follows the tale of a mysterious sect in early 1700’s Palermo. This group was comprised of regular people whose mission it was to protect the lower classes from abuses of Nobles. A journey through the underground reveals their means, motives, and haunts. Various opinions will tell if they were real or just a great author’s creation.

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The Enigma of the Great Menhir

52m 00s

7000 years ago, the men who populated the shores of the Atlantic erected thousands of stones on which they engraved signs, long remained mysterious. An international team of researchers led by the anthropologist and archaeologist Serge Cassen (CNRS) managed to decipher this original symbolic language.

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The Greven Mystery

51m 57s

Alfred Greven is still today an unsolved mystery for everyone. Who was this head of the Continental films, a French movie studio founded with Third-Reich money whose mission was one of propaganda but who ended up producing the most subversive masterpieces of French Cinema? Greven’s intentional disappearance after the war and his silence until his death in 1973 maintain a certain mystery around this elusive historical figure.

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