Ancient Civilizations

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The Lord of Sipán

51m 52s

This documentary deals with the Moche culture, which developed on the northern coast of Peru, between 100 BC and 600 AC. It is a fairly unknown culture that disappeared after reaching its peak. A Great Lord who governed and was buried with great honors, so that his message would endure in time, and a man, an archaeologist named Walter Alva, who rescued him from his tomb to fulfill his plan of the past. Today, everyone has heard of the Moches, thanks to the last discoveries.

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The Lady of Cao

51m 47s

The Lady of Cao is the first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru to be discovered. She is believed to have governed in the Chicama valley, very close to the city of Trujillo, about 1700 years ago. The discovery of her tomb in 2006 was a major breakthrough in all previous theories about the Moche civilization. Through historical recreations, we will learn how the Moche society of the area was like and the importance of this mysterious tattooed mommy in her times.

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Planet Egypt | Episode 1 | Birth of an Empire

47m 39s

Birth of an Empire looks at how Egypt was founded. King Narmer claimed it was warfare. We discover that peace and collaboration were at least as important as the big battle that united Upper and Lower Egypt. Both war and peaceful collaboration laid the foundations for the Egyptian success story lasting more than 3000 years.

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Planet Egypt | Episode 2 | Pharaos at war

47m 38s

Pharaohs at War asks how Egypt maintained its relative independence for 3000 years. We answer this through Thutmosis III. He conquers more land than any other pharaoh. Yet ultimately he has no interest in establishing an expanding empire abroad. Like all pharaohs he is guided by the wish to establish peace and stability at home and secure the borders through forward defense. The pursuit of peace remains a key part of Egypt’s success story.

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Planet Egypt | Episode 3 | Temples of Power

47m 45s

Temples of Power asks to what degree Egyptian cult was part of Egypt’s success story. Through Akhenaten’s ill fated revolution we discover just how powerful Egypt’s religious tradition really was. Egyptian cult prevails even when threatened by the pharaohs. The cult was the backbone of the country’s civilization; it was seen as the guarantor of the worldly order, and thereby helped to maintain inner peace and stability.

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Planet Egypt | Episode 4 | Quest for eternity

47m 34s

Quest for Eternity asks how Egypt’s belief in the afterlife could be part of its long term success. How could a society apparently obsessed with death survive for so long? We discover that Egypt’s specific belief in the afterlife was essential to the longevity of her civilization. The Egyptians liked their life so much; they wanted it to continue after their demise. Egypt’s belief in the afterlife provided focus for the population for more than 3000 years.

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