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The Triunfante: Discovering an 18th century Warship

52m 41s

What’s the process of retrieving a sunken ship and preparing it for display in a museum? How do archaeologists work underwater? One of the biggest wrecks ever discovered in Spain was the ‘Triunfante’, sunk during a French siege in 1795. We follow the process from its discovery to its display in a museum and learn what makes this ship so special.

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Tokyo Trial : Judging Japan

56m 52s

The Tokyo Trial – or the "International Military Tribunal for the Far East" - had been convened in 1946 to prosecute the leaders of the Empire of Japan for war crimes. It was to be the Nuremberg trial of the Far East, decided upon by the Allies to avenge decades of misery and death. But it would prove to be divisive from the start, the more so, since each of the judges represented one of the nations which had been at war with Japan.

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Prehistoric Astronomers

57m 10s

On the walls of their caves, 17,000 years ago, the men of Cro-Magnon traced the first history of the sky and its stars. If Lascaux, the prehistoric Sistine Chapel, was first and foremost a temple dedicated to the celestial constellations. Crazy? Yet this is the demonstration that Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez, an ethnologist and astronomer, attempts. Between a police investigation and an astronomical tale, this film plunges us into the mists of time.

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Inside Human Zoos

51m 41s

The astonishing, little-known story of men, women and children who were exhibited alongside animals in Europe, America and Japan from the second half of the XIXth century until WWII: an international story from a pre-globalization era concerning the most diverse populations from every continent.

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Roller Coasters

55m 35s

The incredible giant iron skeletons that populate amusement parks defy the laws of physics for millions of passengers each year across the globe.Starting with the first attractions in Russia 4 centuries ago, this documentary traces the historical and technological evolution of these “terror tracks”, which are constantly evolving in order to generate new and extreme levels of excitement.

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51m 49s

Civilian suffering and shortages didn’t stop as through by magic with the end of the war in 1945: the reconstruction process took many years to complete.In Caen, one of the cities worst affected by bombing, wartime and post-war children look back on a time of hardship, but also of hope and solidarity.

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Princes of the Yen

1h 32m

Princes of the Yen reveals how post-war Japanese society was transformed to suit the agenda of powerful interest groups, and how citizens were kept entirely in the dark about this. History is now repeating itself around the world.

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Cold War Peacemaker: Story of the Convair B-36

56m 03s

Cold War Peacemaker is the amazing and unique story of the development of the B-36 very-long-long-range nuclear bomber. From its beginnings during WWII, through construction in a former wild-west cattle town and deployment into the Cold War, the story of the Convair B-36 and how it intimidated the Soviet Union is a fascinating study in politics and technology.

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