Incredibles Destinies

Unbelievable! UK

My War

1h 37m

Attention shocking documentary! My War tells the daily life of Westerners who joined the Kurdish forces to fight Daesh in Syria. Need Glory? Adrenaline? Why leave a peaceful life to go to hell?

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MBS, Prince of the Saudis

53m 59s

His story could be a fable. A young prince becomes his father’s chosen heir and triumphs over the other pretenders. He wants to reform his kingdom and dreams of glory. But he is surrounded by formidable adversaries, in court and beyond. It could also be a thriller, set against a backdrop of wars, dollars, murders and oil… Or even a modern ‘Game of Thrones’, a ruthless power struggle, where all is fair, and where cynicism and idealism serve the same dark designs.

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Finding Fidel

55m 06s

Finding Fidel tells the remarkable story of war cameraman Erik Durschmied, who in 1958 journeyed to Cuba’s Sierra Maestra mountains to interview a little-known rebel leader named Fidel Castro. A month later, Castro’s band of fighters rolled into Havana, and the world would never be the same.

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56m 40s

One was deported for being a Jew, the other for being a Resistant, the third for being both... Three women who experienced the hell of the extermination camps describe their descent into the unspeakable...Gisèle Guillemot, from Normandy, was involved in sabotaging German military trains. All of her male comrades were shot. As a woman, her death sentence was commuted to transportation to Ravensrück then Mauthausen.

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The Cleaner

50m 54s

Donovan Tavera is a crime scene cleaner in Mexico City. Between the world of the living and the world of the dead, he tries to maintain a stable family life and a healthy mind.

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24m 30s

In 1998, Zoilamerica accused her adoptive father of rape and sexual abuse. Almost 20 years later, she lives in exile while caring for her 10-year-old son. Her adoptive father is Daniel Ortega, leader of the Sandinista revolution and current president of Nicaragua.

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Stealing Rodin

58m 03s

When a celebrated sculpture briefly went missing from a Rodin exhibition in Santiago, the “theft” turned out to be a provocative statement, masterminded by a precocious art student. His actions sparked a public outcry and a furious debate on the nature of art itself. This lively and perceptive documentary revisits the scene of an extraordinary incident that captured the world's attention and challenged the global art community.

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