Happy Endings

Happy Endings

A Crazy Hope

52m 30s

This crazy dream belongs to a man who almost lost his mind, and who, having recovered from his own illness, has devoted himself to helping the poorest of Africa’s sick: the insane.In the big cities of Africa, the mentally ill can be seen wandering the streets, yelling and shouting, often completely naked and feeding here and there on waste. In the countryside, their helpless families respond by chaining them to trees, so that they cannot leave, hurt anyone or disappear.

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1h 12m

Gallo lost his sight in a fateful accident while he was surfing. He was 39 years old. Far from giving up, he went back to surfing again and in 2016 he has won the World Adaptive Surfing Championship. Gallo wants to prove that people with disabilities can take any challenge they set themselves, and he will face one of the most difficult and dangerous challenges of his life: surfing a big wave.

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1h 00m

In 1994, Alison Botha was abducted at knife-point by two men outside her home in South Africa. Driven into a nature reserve off the main road, she was raped, disembowelled, almost decapitated and left for dead. Against extraordinary odds, mystifying the doctors who had treated her, Alison survived this horrific attack. But this was only the beginning of her struggle. This is the remarkable story of her fight for justice and recovery.

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Fight Hate With Love

51m 55s

Michael Ta’Bon spent 15 years in prison, where he promised himself that one day he would start a movement to prevent young people from repeating his mistakes. Now married and with two kids, his fierce commitment to community activism may ultimately cost him his family.

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Free Men

1h 29m

Sentenced to death, many of us would give up on life. But from his death row cell, Kenneth Reams refuses to be limited. He falls in love with Isabelle, a French artist who wants to become his wife. Together they fight for justice for a murder he didn’t commit, at the same time arranging exhibitions of Kenneth's own art. Narrated by Reams, this doc profiles one prisoner's extraordinary struggle for freedom, justice and love against the odds.

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The Perseus Survivor

54m 46s

The documentary drama tells the story of the only man who survived the wreckage of the World War II Submarine HMS Perseus, which sank unnoticed in 1941. With the help of a team of historians, famous underwater wrecks researcher, writer and professional diver Richie Kohler tries to understand why a simple submariner got involved in the transportation of a secret cargo as part of the high-end spy games between the Axis and the Alliance.

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The Labyrinth of Possibility

1h 08m

The laberinth of possibility is a film of transformation and human capabilities. It tells the story of Sonia Soberats and his photographic work. The grief from the loss of her two sons caused such great havoc in her life that she lost the sense of sight entirely. Today she is part of a prestigious group of blind photographers in New York City. She also teaches this technique in Venezuela.

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