The Milky Way TVPUK

To The Moon - From Dream To Reality

1h 24m

Between 1969 and 1972 twelve men walked on the surface of the moon. It was seen as the first chapter in an ambitious program of space exploration. But what started with NASA’s Apollo missions ended with the Apollo missions. Humanity’s boldest venture is now 50 years in the past. Although the Apollo missions were relatively short, it can not be underestimated just how groundbreaking its achievements were.

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Apollo 16: The Men, Moon, and Memories

49m 50s

After 25 years the untold human side of the Apollo 16 moon mission is now made available to the public, as the crew members finally reveal their riveting experience. An engaging and definitive documentary looking at this historic mission through the eyes of those who participated in it. Included in this program are interviews with all three astronauts, Commander John Young, Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke, and Command Module Pilot Thomas Mattingly.

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Star Men

1h 27m

The heart-warming tale of four famous astronomers 50 years after they forged new understandings of the universe.

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Apollo Astronauts: Training NASA's Moon Men

52m 31s

In 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface and into the history books as the first of only twelve men to walk on the Moon. But in 1961 when Kennedy pledged to put a man on the Moon, NASA had barely put a man into orbit. They had less than 10 years to train a team of astronauts to overcome the unknown challenges of a mission to the Moon. What followed was a rigorous, intense training period that put America’s first astronauts through their paces.

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The Sky is not the Limit: The Chris Hadfield Story

43m 12s

A visually stunning documentary filmed primarily in 4K, following Astronaut Chris Hadfield. This farm boy has always had a passion for flying – but for him the sky is not the limit! In June of 1992 Chris was selected from 5330 applicants to become one of a chosen few. He was assigned to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where eventually Hadfield became NASA’a Chief CapCom, the voice of Mission Control to Astronauts in orbit for 25 shuttle missions.

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Apollo 11: First Steps on the Moon

49m 31s

Each crewman of Apollo 11 had made a spaceflight before this mission but never set foot on the moon. Apollo 11 was the first spaceflight that landed the first humans on the moon. This unique documentary, profiles this historic mission through the eyes of all three astronauts and several top Nasa officials who participated in it.

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