The Mily Wat TVPUK

Prehistoric Astronomers

57m 10s

On the walls of their caves, 17,000 years ago, the men of Cro-Magnon traced the first history of the sky and its stars. If Lascaux, the prehistoric Sistine Chapel, was first and foremost a temple dedicated to the celestial constellations. Crazy? Yet this is the demonstration that Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez, an ethnologist and astronomer, attempts. Between a police investigation and an astronomical tale, this film plunges us into the mists of time.

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Monster Black Hole

50m 00s

Black holes are the universe at its most extreme: matter and energy crunched so small they literally exit the known universe. Scientists are beginning to suspect that these monsters have a powerful impact on galaxies, solar systems and space-time itself. And now, researchers are finally getting a grip on these black holes with a new generation of high-tech laser systems and advanced telescopes in space.

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Asteroids: a New Horizon - Episode 1: Exploring the Asteroids

50m 55s

Part 1 explains Asteroids and our relationship with them over the decades: NASA’s Dawn mission that revealed the secrets of the Asteroid Belt, plus ESA & JAXA’s missions that actually landed to study them in the 2000’s – and most importantly, NASA’s current OSIRIS-REx mission and their 2021 Lucy launch, to Jupiter’s trojans. Finally – explore a shocking discovery from 2017: Oumuamua, the first interstellar object detected from another star system to come this close to the Earth.

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Asteroids: a New Horizon - Episode 2: The New Frontier

51m 03s

Part 2 explores which are the best asteroids to mine – and how? In Space, using Zero Gravity – or on Earth? How can their metals and the liquids be used for deep space exploration, as propellant or pit stops – and are any of the metals useful on Earth? With a visit to the Colorado Center of Space Resources, we explore the engineering and technology needed to extract materials from the asteroids.

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Energie Solaire : Illusion ou Réalité ? (2ème partie - L'Afrique)

51m 02s

First developed in the 1950s by NASA for space exploration, solar energy was never really considered as a reliable source of energy for widespread use because of its high cost and limited output. But today, thanks to major cost reductions, advance in technology, and rise in oil prices, solar power has become a serious energy option for the future. But how can we apply it to our modern world in the most sensible way?

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