Space Exploration

The Milky Way TVPUK

Packing for Mars

52m 50s

National space agencies, scientists and private businesses are competing to find pioneering ways to be part of the adventure to Mars, and are investing colossal sums of money to achieve their goal. Competition is fierce and sometimes cut-throat. They all have their sights set on finding the solutions to the problems raised by what is billed as the greatest expedition of all time. This documentary film presents the most influential scientists, engineers and adventurers in space exploration today.

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Zenith - Advances in Space Exploration Series 1, Episode 3

25m 52s

Saturn and its disc of rings has become more bewildering the more closely we are able to observe it. The dynamic system of moons, moonlets and orbiting dust are drawing scientific attention. This episode looks at the Saturnian system, its unique moons and the probes that have began penetrating this planetary mystery.

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Zenith - Advances in Space Exploration Series 1, Episode 4

25m 39s

The International Space Station - Since the 1970 the space powers have been sending to orbit craft in which people could live and work for extended periods, but the expense and complexity has been daunting. This episode focuses on the international collaboration required to maintain a permanently crewed laboratory orbiting the Earth.

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Space Robot Revolution

52m 27s

Robotics is everywhere, and humans have already been working closely with robots, if not replaced by them. But today, robots are clearly key actors in the future conquest of the space. While some androids have already been sent into space, other finer prototypes will soon join or replace them.

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Moon Wars

52m 28s

50 years after man’s first step on the moon in 1969, the earth’s satellite is today – more than ever – at the core of geopolitical and economic stakes. The stepping stone to any mission to Mars, the Moon has also become a new source of energy and resources. Despite International treaties stating it cannot be appropriated by any state or company, the Americans, Russians, Chinese, Koreans and Indians are already making plans for the Moon, alongside companies privately funded by billionaires.

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A place in space

53m 15s

Neil Armstong in 1969 was the first and, Eugene Cernan, commander of Apollo 17, was the last man to leave his footprints on the moon in 1972. He believed “Man would be on his way to Mars by the turn of the century…” Instead, 40 years later, it is “Curiosity” and “Opportunity”, two robots, who are roaming the surface of Mars today.What happened to the astronauts’ dream to return to the moon, set foot on Mars and go further still?

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