The Silver Bullet Microbiome - Little Helpers, Big Impact

51m 30s

More microorganisms live in and on our bodies than our bodies have cells. Bacteria, fungi and viruses form our microbiome and its condition is crucial to our health. Our “lodgers” are responsible for a large part of our immune defences, protect our skin and communicate with the brain, but above all, as what are known as “intestinal flora”, they facilitate our metabolism.

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Trisomy: Between Scientific Research and Reality

52m 02s

This documentary proposes to take us to the discovery of Down's syndrome "from both sides of the mirror". Down's syndrome, daily life of nearly 70 000 families in France (400 000 in Europe)... and Down's syndrome, object of research, and major challenge for a considerable number of scientific teams...

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Cyborgs Among Us

1h 16m

In just a few years, technology will merge with our bodies in unimaginable ways and push the boundaries of what it is to be human. While medical technology still aims at remediating disabilities, cyborgs strive to something else: a merging of man and machine with the goal of enhancing human capabilities.

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Dream Babies

52m 24s

Thanks to major achievements in science some aspects of procreation, which were considered as science fiction in the past, are now a possibility. A baby with 3 biological parents, In Vitro Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer, genetic engineering, choice of the genre or the eyes colors... our dream baby is becoming a reality.

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