Deep in the Heart

1h 33m

Deep In The Heart follows four patients, Lisa, Ted, Greg and Pat, as they deal with the emotional drama of major life-saving surgery. It’s an emotional story familiar to families up and down the country: skilled surgeons can fix bodies, but it’s up to the patients to make sure it doesn’t all go wrong again. All four face pressure from their families to come out of denial and face reality. Can they turn their lives around and quit the habits of a lifetime?

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The Ward

49m 16s

We are in a crisis: While Canada consistently has one of the worst organ donor rates in the Western world, its hospitals are overcrowded with patients who desperately need an organ transplant. And within Canada, Alberta is the province with the lowest donor rates. 40 per cent of patients die while waiting for an organ. Strongly character driven, the one-hour documentary «The Ward» features the work of the nurses, surgeons and physicians at the University Hospital in Edmonton.

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Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up

56m 22s

The modern biographical story of Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD who discovered an innovative patent-protected cancer therapy currently enrolled in FDA clinical trials. This story sheds light on the current regulatory and industry roadblocks preventing these life-saving medications from reaching the market as of 2016.

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The Abortion Hotline

57m 04s

In Chile, where abortion remains illegal and punishable by imprisonment, we follow a group of young activists who put their lives at risk to run an underground abortion hotline.

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Tricks Of The Pharma Industry

51m 17s

They dominate medical research, conceal negative trial results and sell us outrageously expensive medicines, about the ineffectiveness and risks of which they have long been aware. And in the process the managers in the pharmaceutical industry generate the highest profits of any sector.

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The End of Antibiotics

34m 46s

For years antibiotics have been misused to treat both humans and animals for minor illnesses. Careless overprescription has led to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By 2050 these "superbugs" could cause more deaths than cancer. Meanwhile research into new antibiotics is limited, considered unprofitable. Doctors and scientists fear that this combination of factors will create a "perfect storm”.

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Migraine Solution

50m 21s

For anyone who has experienced a debilitating migraine headache, this condition is no mystery. But for the rest of the world, it’s one of the least funded, least understood, and most confounding chronic conditions. The Migraine Solution unravels the mystery and debunks the myths, looking toward a world without migraines.

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Gaza: Health Under Siege

43m 08s

After three wars in eight years and an ongoing eleven-year blockade, how are the people of Gaza coping? Many public employees, whether they are doctors in the large hospitals or waste management supervisors in the garbage dump, have been working without pay for over seven years. And yet despite this, the provision of basic public services continues through the tremendous efforts of people trying to keep the city functioning.

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Incredible Ageing

52m 07s

Everyone ages — but there is a new vanguard in scientific research that is challenging everything that we think we know about this. These researchers are suggesting that it may not be set in stone, but something that can be modified or altered by simple changes in our own lives. In this brand new approach, researchers are tackling the biological process of aging itself and are transforming how we all view longevity, disease and the human lifespan forever.

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Death by Prescription

52m 23s

Anti-depressants, tranquillisers and sleeping pills are some of the most prescribed medicines in the world with a record number of us on the ’happy pills’. Many of these drugs come with a range of serious side effects, from dizziness and nausea to increased agitation. But is is their association with violence and suicide that has been most controversial.

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Cannabis, wonderdrug ?

52m 04s

What if weed could be a cure to most severe diseases, such as cancer or AIDS? Not really, but cannabis can. As a matter of fact, molecules inside marijuana are now at the center of medical research around the world. There are more and more scientists, doctors, and psychologists encouraging the therapeutic and controlled use of cannabinoids for specific treatments.

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Should you Vaccinate?

37m 20s

Vaccines are widely regarded as one of the greatest achieves of modern medicine and save millions of lives every year. But there are an increasing number of families who decide, for one reason or another, not to vaccinate their children. As a result, diseases that were almost eradicated in the developed countries are returning. We hear from various families that are against vaccination. Some of them believe in natural and alternative medicines, others don’t believe that vaccines are safe.

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Prescribing Death

54m 47s

Oxycontin. Codeine. Fentanyl. All prescription drugs to which countless patients have become addicted. As America battles an opioid crisis that sees 170 citizens die everyday, lawyers and prosecutors are trying to bring an end to Big Pharma’s impunity. How did it happen? Midwest City, Oklahoma. Family doctor, Regan Nichols, is on trial charged with five murders for over-prescribing opioids.

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