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Cerulean Blue

1h 12m

An introvert's urgent road trip to reclaim his lost love is derailed when he meets a free-spirited woman who challenges all of his ideals

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West of Eden

2h 00m

The affluent farmer's son is everything Billy desires. The farm is everything the head drover wants. A story of forbidden love, revenge and a family torn apart, inspired by true events.

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1h 21m

Desert is the story of Jenny, pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend on their wedding day and increasingly isolated as she is rejected by the people around her.

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Spring 1941

1h 36m

Successful doctor Artur Planck, his wife Clara and their two daughters are seeking shelter from Germans storming Poland. They find a safe house in the farm of Emilia, their local grocer who is all alone after her husband fought for his country and never returned.

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1h 22m

Ana is a recently divorced 35 year-old architect with two little girls. She is the daughter of Chilean exiles, and was born in Costa Rica. When Ana’s daughter opens a Facebook account for her grandmother, she reconects with a long-lost love from her university days and decides to take a trip to see him in Chile. From then on, Ana’s stability is shaken. She finds herself assuming the role and behaviours of her mother and turning into the type of woman she never wanted to be.

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Camila´s Awakening

1h 28m

Camila (17) got too used to win. Smart and beautiful, she managed to achieve every goal she set. However, now she has to face the biggest setback of her life with courage, humor and love.

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1h 44m

Raquel has done everything to get over he ex Isaac, but he comes back decided to get her back at any cost.

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