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1h 38m

Santiago Rubio, Mayor of a Latin American City wants to be the nation President. To achieve his goal, he decides to build the biggest and most important airport in South America. For that purpose, he hires Hoyos Constructing Group, a very corrupt company that instead of building the airport, they spend all nation’s money in their own benefit. Maria Cristina, Mayor´s wife and Gabriel Hoyos lover, is the key piece for the Hoyos to win the contract.

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Adivina quién viene a comer mañana

30m 04s

A young and beautiful veterinarian, the only daughter of a modest shepherd, returns to a remote village in Galicia (Spain) to tell her father that she is going to marry a prestigious neurologist. She wants to organize a meal the next day for everyone to get together, but her father, motivated by both jealousy and ignorance, mistakes neurology for black magic and decides to stop the wedding. With the help of a neighbor, he tries to ruin her daughter's plan.

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1h 35m

A young American returns home and discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his brother and that his mom has passed away. After attempting suicide, his therapist gives him a ring that will allow him to travel anywhere in the world.

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Dog's Night

1h 22m

Enzo works in a residential parking garage that takes a luxury car to hang out and persuades his friend Richard to go with him. But, the car’s owner is a violent mobster that turns their night into a nightmare, even though they just want to have fun.

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1h 34m

Ángel Peláez is very jealous man. Ever since he lost his arm in an accident and with the arm his job as a waiter in the Ritz Hotel, he imagines the whole day that Reme, his wife, betrays him with most of the men she gets in contact with.

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I Love Eva

1h 18m

Eva is back from her trip to Europe. One afternoon she received a suspicious birthday invitation from a neighbor, she never imagined it was a romantic date a planed by his family, but he didn’t even had food in the fridge. A comedy about how family can mess up our relationships, the way it interacts and how it doesn’t even stand itself.

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