Sweet Things

The Boudoir TVPUK

The world conquest of French pastry

52m 24s

The French pastry again on the roof of the world! On January 23rd, France is awarded for the 8th time wins the pastry world cup again, one of the most prestigious international competitions of gastronomy. France thus remains the most successful country to this day. But the conquest of the world of the French pastry does not limit itself to awards. The know-how and the French creative genius are durably exported and spreads over all the regions of the world!

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Zumbo - The Stacey Cake

25m 17s

Adriano met Stacey in 2009. She wrote him a simple letter asking if she could make him a cake to distract her from the chemo she was going through. As soon as Adriano received the letter, he flew to Stacey’s home and spent two days cooking with her – it was the start of an enduring friendship.

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Zumbo - The Golden Macaron

25m 52s

This episode will follow Adriano every step of the way in the lead-up to Macaron Day; we’ll see him pump out close to 30,000 multi-coloured macarons in his new, graffiti-inspired kitchen called The Lab, and create prototype gold macarons from his home. And unbeknownst to Adriano, one of his staff – apprentice baker Araks – is creating a surprise Willy Wonka-inspired birthday cake, complete with a chocolate water-fountain. Yes, Macaron Day is also Adriano’s birthday.

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Zumbo - Summer Love

26m 32s

Four times a year, Adriano releases a new range of desserts. This will involve the creation of six new desserts and a range of scrumptious chocolates and pastries. The days leading up to the launch will be long and stressful. Adriano will spend night after night experimenting with taste and texture: Has he got the flavour, right? Is the architecture solid? It’s a process of trial and error, and it all starts with one simple idea.

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