Influential Women

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Women who made History | Episode 1 | Cleopatra

49m 14s

She commanded armies and built warships. She was ruthless with rivals and quick to eliminate traitors. She spoke at least nine languages, received diplomats and negotiated with kings. But the last woman to rule Egypt is a legend today because of her powers of seduction. Her story has provided material for countless novels and films, and the myth of Cleopatra lives on, her appearance fused with that of Elizabeth Taylor in the epic 1963 film.

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Women who made History | Elizabeth I

48m 46s

In an era dominated by men, Queen Elizabeth I was the only woman. She ruled England for 45 years, laying the foundation for the British Empire, and when she died in 1603 she gave her name to an entire epoch: the Elizabethan Age.

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Women who made History | Episode 4 | Catherine the Great

48m 45s

At the age of 14 Sophie Auguste Friederike von Anhalt-Zerbst a princess from a minor German aristocratic family, journeyed to Russia... because she had been chosen to marry Grand Duke Peter, heir to the Russian throne. For the sake of the marriage she converted to the Russian Orthodox religion and was given the name that has become famous in history: Catherine.

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Women who made History | Episode 5 | Queen Louise of Prussia

51m 10s

Some countries attain crucial characteristics under female rule, such as the England of Queen Elizabeth I and the Russia of Catherine the Great. And then there are women who do not rule and yet manage to leave their mark on their land, their era. One of these, known as the Queen of Hearts during her lifetime, was Louise of Prussia. Though she had no official political or military power, she wielded influence over the men who did - predominantly her husband King Frederick Wilhelm III.

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Lady Diana - Princess of Wales Everlasting

52m 03s

Diana, Princess of Wales, was an extraordinary figure. Her effortless elegance, her ability to relate to the common person, and her devotion as a mother led to her becoming one of the most adored public figures in history. She helped to break down barriers between the British Royal Family and everyday people, and she was never afraid to stand up for the causes close to her heart. In 1997, she met with a tragic and untimely end. However, the world did not forget their favourite Princess.

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Maria Callas, Born for Singing

58m 25s

The extraordinary artistic and human parable of opera singer MARIA CALLAS (New York, 1923 - Paris, 1977) traced through archives material unique images and memories, with interviews to relatives, artists, co-workers who have surrounded the artist in life.

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