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Passion for Scent - The True Story of Perfume

52m 46s

Did Patrick Süskind have a true story in mind when composing his bestseller ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’? This becomes one of the central questions of the documentary that tells the story of Giovanni Maria Farina. Farina was indeed the most famous perfume designer of the 18th century, the creator of ‘Eau de Cologne’ – once a unique fragrance, it has become a generic term for a certain type of perfumes.

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Destiny an unauthorized story on Prince William

49m 11s

Destiny goes beyond the Royal love affair and explores destiny in relation to the Royal Family. Prince William shows a strong sense of duty and loyalty to the Royal family, fully aware of the role he is to play in the future as the King of England. Since birth, his upbringing has been carefully managed and his destiny thoughtfully mapped out by the Monarch. It was whilst excelling at sports and university studies; his much-publicised romance with Kate Middelton began.

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Princesses of the World

48m 01s

Presenting a fascinating portrait of the most beautiful and beloved royal women of the past 50 years, we take a regal tour of the romance, happiness, heartache, tragedy and controversy that is the life of these modern-day fairytale princesses. Diana, Fergie, Mary, Grace and more are covered here.

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The invention of French luxury

52m 28s

Glassware, curtains, porcelain: this is what has made France a benchmark for luxury. This documentary is an immersion in the fascinating origins of this industry, from an economic, scientific and cultural point of view.

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The Codes of Chambord

52m 13s

500 years after it was built, this film tells a new story of the Castle of Chambord, showing the recent discoveries of two historians and revealing the secret codes hidden in the whole building.

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The Millinery Lesson

58m 10s

95 year old Marie O’Regan went from being a refugee to hatmaker to Queen Elizabeth II. Her extraordinary story starts in Istanbul in 1915. She escapes the Armenian holocaust by moving to Paris and working in the heyday of couture millinery. She continues to London and the House of Dior and passes on her wealth of knowledge to students at the London College of Fashion and the Royal College of Art. She becomes milliner to HM Elizabeth II but continues to teach students in her house in London.

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