Exploitation Hotel: The Kellys

54m 59s

More than 200.000 women work as cleaning ladies in Spain, but they are as fundamental as they are invisible in the hospitality industry. In October 2016, the Kellys (las que limpian in Spanish) decided to get organized to fight for their rights. They have been victims of outsourcing and many of them have lost their jobs in the hotels, without any rights and vulnerable to being fired when they get medical leaves.

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50m 46s

Mugu in Western Nepal is one of the least developed regions in Nepal. According to the 2011 Nepal Census, 90% of women in Mugu are illiterate. Sunakali Budha, a 13 year-old girl saw football for the first time in 2011 and in less than three years time she has become a star in her village.

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Many Faces Of Occupy Wall Street

1h 03m

This is a collection of interviews and footage from Occupy Wall Street. its got a diversity of views on the movement and on how serious the movement was in combatting issues and crises, including internal allegations of fraud and the sexual assault incidents, which were reported to the police and written about in various news sources.

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The Money Stone

1h 33m

Hundreds of feet beneath the jungles of Ghana, thousands of sweat-soaked miners squeeze through tiny crevices to dig raw gold to feed an insatiable global industry. Considered outlaws by the government, these "galamsey" have two options - either get rich quick or die trying. The Money Stone takes an intimate look at the stark choices some children face in hopes of finding a better future.

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Invasion Drag

1h 17m

In 2017 the members of the famed program RuPaul Drag Race arrive in Lima, the record of this visit opens to a broader portrait: the one that records the activities, dreams and perspectives of Drag Queens limeños who affirm, with pride, their identity and their art.

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52m 03s

Welcome to the city of Detroit, 'the Murder Capital of the USA', where the grass is growing over the parking lots and the houses are abandoned. Here, a new life is slowly beginning to take form and take over the deserted city. But even if the writing on the wall has a different and more apocalyptic meaning, there is no reason to panic.

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The Troublemaker

56m 42s

In times of crisis we find what really matters and who we really are, as individuals and as a society. This film delves into the ideas and emotions behind the global wave of civic protests born from the unfolding of the climate crisis.

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1h 00m

War/Peace tells the story of the radical student activists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who founded the anti-Vietnam war group "The Weathermen" at the University of Michigan in 1969 and who's members carried out two dozen bombings of government building including an attempt to bomb the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, several major banks and police stations through out the US.

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Green Warriors: Indonesia, the World's most Polluted River

54m 12s

The Citarum river in Indonesia, is the world's most polluted river. A reporter teamed up with international scientists to investigate the causes and consequences of this pollution. One of the main polluters is actually the fashion industry : 500 textile factories throw away their wastewater directly into the Citarum river.

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Crying for Justice

51m 18s

After 11 September 2001, the US government concludes secret agreements with European governments to fight terrorism. CIA will have powers to kidnap and torture suspects. It is a flagrant violation of international treaties and a slap to human rights. When the Washington Post revealed this secret pact in 2005, the Council of Europe instructs Swiss parliamentarian Dick Marty to investigate. This film is the story of this investigation.

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Healing From Hate

1h 24m

With violent extremism on the rise, Healing from Hate examines the root causes of hate group activity through the bold work of those battling intolerance on the front lines. Documenting a stunning year of hatred in America, the film follows ex-neo-Nazis and Skinheads in their work to de-radicalize White Nationalists, and heal communities torn apart by racism -- a deep dig into what is needed to return meaning, identity and tolerance to a generation of disenfranchised white men.

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Everything's Better than a Hooker

55m 50s

Eva-Maree Kullander Smith was 27 when she was murdered by the father of her children during a supervised visit arranged by social services. Previously, despite his violent past, he was awarded sole custody after social services learnt that she had previously worked as an escort. Determined to win them back, Eva-Maree became a campaigner for sex workers’ rights, challenging Sweden’s policies and attitudes towards prostitution.

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Ready to Fly

1h 12m

This is the story of world ski jumping champion, Lindsey Van, and her teammates, who took on the IOC in an epic battle to get women’s ski jumping recognized as an Olympic sport. Since she started ski jumping at the age of seven, Van dreamed of winning an Olympic medal. By the time the Olympics came to her home country of Canada in 2010, she had already won countless competitions, including 13 national championships, and was setting records that beat even the men’s.

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The Blackboard

35m 53s

Award winning documentary film 'The Blackboard' was produced and directed by attorney/indie filmmaker Marquis Bradshaw. The film aims to challenge what it means to be black in America by examining the issue of acceptance within the black community through the lens of skateboarding culture. 'The Blackboard' stars prominent black pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen

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Boxing For Freedom

54m 59s

Sadaf Rahimi is the best female boxer in Afghanistan, but she must deal with her country’s traditions, fear and her own fate in order to be a free woman. Sadaf and her sister Shabnam joined the newly created women’s boxing team at the age of 13, when they returned to their country after being refugees in Iran.

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Fight Hate With Love

51m 55s

Michael Ta’Bon spent 15 years in prison, where he promised himself that one day he would start a movement to prevent young people from repeating his mistakes. Now married and with two kids, his fierce commitment to community activism may ultimately cost him his family.

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Code of Silence

56m 00s

Code of Silence' is an award winning one-hour observational documentary that follows the parallel journeys of a fervently Orthodox Jewish father and his now-secular son, after the son breaks the code of silence in Melbourne's Chabad-Lubavitch community going public with his story about being sexually abused as a student. Manny Waks demands the perpetrators be brought to justice, as well as the rabbis, whom he claims covered it up.

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Call Me Dad

1h 21m

A group of fathers confront the pain they have caused, and take hold of a chance to transform their most precious relationships

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Police Tactics: The Interrogation

51m 29s

How can a policeman know if a suspect is lying or not? What makes a good interrogation? In America, an estimated 25% of confessions are thought to be false. The old ‘good cop, bad cop’ trick’ is one of the oldest and most famous interrogation methods in the book. Despite its Hollywood status, the overbearing demeanour of one investigator combined with the seemingly supportive nature of another is an real-life method used in getting confessions out of suspects.

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Skaters & Thieves

23m 20s

In contrast to traditional documentary, 'Skaters & Thieves' gives the audience an inside look at the lives of individuals that are shaping the next generation of skaters and black culture within the city life of Brooklyn, New York. The guys invited Montreal filmmakers Jeremy Rubier and AD Jennings to capture the entire experience of the daily lives of these 'Skaters & Thieves' in an unobtrusive way, which gives the documentary a certain edge you won’t be able to watch anywhere else.

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