As You Are

52m 46s

Is it more difficult to pretend or be yourself? What does it mean to be normal? And what happens when you find yourself different and you tell it to others and to your family? The documentary pictures the lives of six people, their sufferings and their hopes, including intolerances, pride, prejudices, desire for marriage and unfinished wishes of maternity and paternity.

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The Empire of Red Gold

54m 29s

The world’s most consumed fruit has an untold story. The industrialization of the humble tomato preceded the globalized economy that was to follow. It is now as much of a commodity as wheat, rice, or petrol. The tomato’s ability to create strongly identifiable products, such as ketchup, pizza sauce, soups, sauces, drinks or frozen dishes is unbeatable. As early as 1897, ten years before Ford started to mass produce cars, Heinz was already converting tomatoes into standardized cans of puree.

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The Millinery Lesson

58m 10s

95 year old Marie O’Regan went from being a refugee to hatmaker to Queen Elizabeth II. Her extraordinary story starts in Istanbul in 1915. She escapes the Armenian holocaust by moving to Paris and working in the heyday of couture millinery. She continues to London and the House of Dior and passes on her wealth of knowledge to students at the London College of Fashion and the Royal College of Art. She becomes milliner to HM Elizabeth II but continues to teach students in her house in London.

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Mafia, Cocaine and White Collar Workers

24m 53s

There is the cocaine, tonnes of cocaine, one of the richest and most important Ndrangheta bosses in Europe and the so-called Swiss washing machine. This report traces the flow of dirty money from dealers in South America and offers a disconcerting window into the lives of Ticino’s “white collar workers”.

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1h 17m

Independent documentary that addresses the different environmental problems in the north of Quintana Roo region, located in the Mexican Caribbean, caused by the rapid tourism development and uncontrolled population growth.

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Russian Laundering

44m 58s

“Money mules” are people lured on the Internet and forced to launder money for hacker gangs and organized crime. Apparently serious jobs offers which become a nightmare. The documentary follows the money flow from Switzerland to Russia.

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The FIFA Family - A Love Story

59m 02s

The sporting scandal of the century and the love story behind. Revealing how Qatar got to host the World Cup, and how that brought down FIFA, this is a story of love and broken relationships, of cash-stuffed envelopes and dubious money transfers. Of suppressed investigations and geopolitical trade deals. All of it playing out in the corridors of football stadiums across the world, while we were all watching the beautiful game.

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Beyond Catalonia - S01 E01 - Basque

20m 36s

There are hundreds of movements in favour of independence or territorial autonomy in Europe, with diverse circumstances and very different short-term objectives. “Beyond Catalonia” showcases twelve of the most relevant cases; the best known and the most ignored.

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Welcome to The Big Issue TV!

2m 45s

Since 1991, The Big Issue has been supporting Britain’s homeless and vulnerably housed by helping them to rebuild their own pathways to a better future. The large and diverse network of street vendors sell the weekly magazine, which covers a wide range of topics from the environment and politics to social activism, finance, culture, health and technology.

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