Terra UK

Beyond Phobia

51m 24s

Spiders and snakes are at the top of the list: there are people who at the very idea of seeing one of these animals get totally blocked. But there are also those who are afraid of butterflies, with similar effects as regards the ability to deal with these situations. And then there are those who are unable to get on a plane or get into an elevator and in these cases the consequences on practical life can be heavy.

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As You Are

52m 46s

Is it more difficult to pretend or be yourself? What does it mean to be normal? And what happens when you find yourself different and you tell it to others and to your family? The documentary pictures the lives of six people, their sufferings and their hopes, including intolerances, pride, prejudices, desire for marriage and unfinished wishes of maternity and paternity.

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Ayurveda : The way of life

51m 36s

Ayurvedic medicine is attracting more and more Westerners by its philosophy and its natural approach to health. Dating back more than 3,500 years and transmitted through sacred texts, it is recognized by the World Health Organization. Can this discipline be part of the long term and its practice in Western countries? Investigation.

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