Terrestrial Mammals

Species UK

True Appaloosa

1h 11m

Horse breeder Scott Engstrom has been trying for years to prove that the Apaloosa, a rare horse breed, came from Asia and not Spain. With only 109 true Appaloosas left in the world, the question is vital.

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Beary Tales

51m 40s

The touching film shows the adolescence of two bear twins as they live with their new "mother" Vaclav in the Bohemian Forest. It documents the cubs' first steps and follows their development from defenseless babies to cheeky 60-kilo teenagers. The two cubs, abandoned by their mother, would have been destined to death – if Vaclav had not adopted them. It’s the story about two - or three! - extraordinary characters that manage, despite all the differences, to walk their way together.

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Borneo's Pygmy Elephants

53m 13s

The exotic Southeast Asian island of Borneo is home to the Pygmy Elephant; field researcher Englebert Dausip is sent on a mission through the ancient rainforests and dangerous swamps of the island to locate, track, and study these elusive elephants.

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Australia's Camel Man

26m 05s

Afghan Willie explores the outback on his camel train, the limestone formations, the Pinnacles, of Western Australia, The Spirit of Aviation in Bundaberg, with a memorial to aviator Bert Hinkler.

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Antarctica - Tales from the End of the World

51m 41s

The Antarctic region is undoubtedly one of the most remote and inhospitable, yet one of the most beautiful landscapes of the world. This documentary takes us on a journey to the stormy isolated islands of the Southern Ocean. Seals, penguins, seabirds and other animals live and breed in this hostile environment and harsh climate. Only by an icebreaker can we reach the remote coasts of the Antarctic continent where Emperor Penguins defy the life-threatening environment at the end of the world.

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The Superpowers of the Bear

50m 13s

Human civilizations throughout history have always lived in fear and admiration of the wild bear. Now, scientists are on the verge of discovering the biological and physiological secrets of these elusive creatures to help solve human health problems associated with kidneys, neurological disorders, osteoporosis and obesity. We will meet scientists, visit laboratories and go out into the field to study these animals’ behavior, to discover how one day the bear might revolutionize our lives!

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Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey

52m 07s

Polar Bears are well adapted for life in a frozen snow-covered environment. However, during summer and early fall, Hudson Bay is ice free. This film follows the bears throughout summer, unraveling the difficulties in their fight for survival at a time of plenty for all other Arctic inhabitants. By early July, the bears are cast ashore and live off resources acquired during the winter. Cubs born in December experience for the first time the explosion of life during the colourful Arctic summer.

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Tracing the Gobi Bear

51m 04s

For a long time it had been believed to be a mythical desert yeti. The extremely shy Gobi bears are among world‘s rarest animals. About 30 specimen supposedly have survived in the Gobi desert. Mongolian scientists have now verified the existence of the legendary small brown bear: at a watering place the bear walked into a camera trap. At this moment a comprehensive research and preservation program is getting started. A thrilling expedition, tracing one of the most fascinating animals on earth.

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Circus in the Sky

52m 11s

Birds of prey make some of the most impressive appearances in the sky. But eagles and hawks aren’t the typical hunters circling around fields: kites and harriers are the most fascinating. With acrobatic aerial plays, they look for partners. And sliding calmly over open areas, they go hunting. Human-made landscape changes, and hence declining numbers of mice and hamsters, put their mesmerizing aerial performances at risk. Yet, thanks to remarkable adaptability, they are once again on the ascent.

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